Although our indieagogo funding campaign for 'Bad Guy Number 47' is over, you can still make donations for the exact same benefits below. Thanks for your support:

  • $10

    You will have our sincere thanks and gratitude for your support, and will receive exclusive updates from Gnosis Entertainment through each stage of making Bad GUy Number 47.

  • $25

    The above, plus a "Special Thanks" credit in the film, Bad Guy Number 47.

  • $50

    All of the above, plus a copy of the original shooting script, signed by the Filmmakers, Cast, and Crew.

  • $100

    All of the above, plus a more prominent "Thank you" credit in the film and a Hi-Definition Digital Download, on DVD, of the completed film with a personalized, signed Thank You Note from the Filmmakers.

  • Or feel free to donate an amount of your choice:

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